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Continent #6 - South America

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Organising a holiday is hard work. Booking flights, hotels, comparing fees, rates, ratings etc etc. I never thought Excel would become so useful. It started a month ago when Sam and I finally decided on a date to leave for our South American Sojourn. A date was randomly chosen and 31st August was decided. Now it was time to start plotting our course, reading up on the sometimes helpful, but usually bitter and useless hostel reviews. I mean who cares if the hostel receptionist was indifferent to your happy go lucky demeanor. It's a Hostel for christ sake and PLUS they're not the ones on holiday!

As I said it's hard work. So hard that we just got back from the Key West after deciding that we needed a break. Sam and I, along with Presley, Sam's sister Ashley and her friend Ashley (confused yet?) cruised down the Key West to kick back with some Margaritas and Buffalo Wings. 4 days of just doing nothing, except of course drinking those Margaritas and eating those Chicken Wings.

compressible pillows are great, but they don't float!

I don't even really like Margaritas but these ones were exceptional. If you're ever down in Key West, check out Kelly's Caribbean Bar. I even ended up drinking the girl's leftover Margaritas they were that good. You might also be lucky enough to bump into some locals like Captain Chuck, whos suave moves to try and get us onto his boat (for a cost) didn't quite work. Oh, and skip the Rum'n'Reggae snorkeling cruise. The Reggae was loud and annoying, the snorkling was pathetic (think local pool with dirt and rocks) and the Rum was well...Rum. But apart from that, it was a great 4 days away, made better by the fact that I did not hear Jimmy Buffet once.


It's only 5 days now till we fly off. I've been going crazy on ebay/amazon/backcountry.com buying this, that and everything we might possibly and probably don't need. What can I say, I love my travel gadgets. Headlamps, Buff Scarves, Ski Gloves (yes there will be snowboarding), compressible pillow. I love my Therm-a-rest compressible pillow. If I was stranded on an island and I could have one thing, it would be a boat...C'mon, compressible pillows are great, but they don't float.

So here's the line up for South America in no particular order:

Argentina - Buenos Aires, Iguazu/Iguazu/Iguasu Falls (pick one), Bariloche (Snowboarding Woot!), Patagonia, Mendoza
Chile - Santiago, Pucón (Climb a volcano), Valparaiso
Peru - Lima, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Arequipa
Brazil and the Amazon will have to wait another day (most probably another couple of years).

Back to my Spanish Lessons...
"donde esta la barra...Tengo un picor culo"

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Hola Mundo!

The story so far ...

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I've been lazy, but that's the life of the unemployed.

I said to myself I'd start a blog way back in early June when Sam and I first arrived in the Land of the Free, Home of the Insolvent...USA. My soulmate, travel buddy and beautiful wife Sam, decided it was a time for a change. Quiting our day jobs and selling our worldly possessions, we packed everything we needed into 4 suitcases and finally made the move to the USA, with our dog Presley in tow.


We've set up camp in Tampa Florida, Seminole to be exact. 2km away from 20km of Gulf Coast Beaches, never more than 1km away from a Walmart, Publix or Starbucks and always 2 inches from a tailgating crazy driver. The past 2 months have been a mixture of Beaches, Cowboys and 90's music. Roadtripping through the Deep South of America and baking in the beaches of Florida, always filled with the not so sweet sounds of 90's music (Chumbawamba's Tubthumping still gets premium airtime).

So I'll leave you here as I now have in my possession, 1x Lonely Planet Guide - South America on a Shoestring. After booking the flights, we might actually have to use our shoestrings to barter for food and accomodation.

22 Days and counting, South America, here we come!

I get knocked down, but I get up again
You're never gonna keep me down

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